You can find new products in the Cthulhu Shop: new t-shirts, a Cthulhu pillow, the Shoggoth soap, a necklace, more idols, last Herald issue… As you know, the Cthulhu Shop is a shopping guide for cultists to find awesome lovecraftian stuff from all over the world. If you are a creator you can list your items for free.

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Sara Bardi is the creator of Lovely Lovecraft and she is now involved in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath fan game. We are giving away stickers based on her pixel characters for the game on the Where’s Cthulhu? Arkham Parade Kickstarter project. We have been talking with Sara about her cool projects:

A lot of people is following you since you started publishing Lovely Lovecraft webcomic. Please tell us how you decided to create a comic about Lovecraft…

You won’t probably believe me, but at the very beginning the comic wasn’t supposed to be ABOUT Lovecraft, but merely inspired by his works. It all started with an assignement done for my animation class which consisted in conceptualizing a kid’s TV show.

The protagonist’s name was already Howard, but it was just an homage. The story revolved around a kid and his struggle against the creepy creatures from his dreams. There was no Necronomicon, no Arkham, no direct reference to the Mythos. The atmosphere was similar to that of Lions, Tigers and Bears by Mike Bullock and the 1989 Beetlejuice animated series.


At a certain point though, Nyarlathotep (or at least, a character based on him) popped up in my sketchbook. There was so much villainous potential in him, but the context was so lighthearted and colorful that he felt completely out of place. In a sense, it was my true artistic taste trying to break free from the limits of a ‘kids-friendly’ product. It was then that I looked down at my script and said to myself ‘Let’s reinterpret Lovecraft, Malakia’s way.’ And that’s how it begun!

But, you may ask, WHY Lovecraft? Easy answer: because he is the BEST. I did not use to have a favorite author before I accidentally stumbled into his tales, but when it happened, I was completely blown away by his dark and complex universe.

Do you have a large plot for the series or are you adding pages as you can? Any plans?

My script is organized in 4 ‘volumes’ of 50-55 pages each. It covers a big story arc which includes references and events from many different HPL’s tales and novels. The first part, on which I’m currently working on, features ‘The Statement of Randolph Carter’ as a core point in the plot. We’re introduced to Carter since the very beginning when Howard and his mother move to his house and we will keep hearing about him for the whole lenght of the series. Volume 2 will mainly focus on ‘The Dunwich Horror’, 3rd on ‘The Shadow over Innsmouth’ and the latter will largely take place in the Dreamlands.


Of course, nothing prevents me from adding more episodes. The script itself has changed a lot since the beginning and it keeps changing! I’m absolutely satisfyied by the ending, though. I don’t think that I will ever change that.

You are also moving on videogames… It looks like you are involved on a project about The DreamQuest of Unknown Kadath! What can you tell us about this?

The project is at the early stage. We’re still trying to figure out which engine will better suit our needs and what we could realistically accomplish. Ideas are many, but we wish to make the ‘Pact’ system the key feature of the game. Carter is physically weak both in the Waking World and the Dreamlands and so needs to recruit allies in order to progress through the adventure. Ghouls, cats, Night Gaunts and other bizarre beasts will be his companions and they will grant him specific bonuses when summoned.

pixel art kadath-1

I’m in charge of character design and interface and my goal is giving you a bold and bright vision of HPL’s Dreamlands. We’re aiming at a colorful game, visually inspired by the several illustrated versions of ‘Arabian Nights’ and movies such as ‘Azur and Asmar’ by Michel Ocelot.

I also wish to repeat my thanks to Mr.Nathaniel Wallace, our project coordinator and true mind behind the videogame because it’s only thanks to him that I’ve embarked on this new and exciting journey.

kadath game concepts

We hope to keep up with the project and to find willing and talented collaborators that can help us make this dream a reality. Yes, the pun was intended ;)

You are living in Italy but you moved recently to the United States for some months, how did you feel there? Do you have plans/idea of moving there for your work in the future?

Oh well. I wasn’t in the USA, I was trapped inside Disney’s magical world in Epcot! Believe it or not, but being a Disney Cast member really is a crazy experience. Do I recomend it to others? Sure. Do I wish to repeat the experience myself? Well, no. Not now at least. It’s very demanding in terms of time and energy and left me very little chances to carry on my projects. I was even forced to suspend Lovely Lovecraft for the whole lenght of my stay in Orlando.

Sara Bardi illustrations

Speaking of Americans, I really like their attitude. They’re kind and enthusiastic fellows, ‘always projecting a positive image’ as the Disney trainers would say ;). Moving to the USA will certainly be a blessing for my job (and for my English!) and I really wish to have the chance to visit other places than Florida and New York. That’s why I am so excited about my next trip which will lead me straight to Lovecraf’s New England, for I’m going to attend the NecronomiCon in Providence. I can hardly wait!

Back to Lovecraft, which one is your favorite story? Are you with the Mythos or with the Dream Cycle? Choose your favorite creature…

It’s quite hard for me to choose just ONE story. The thing I love most in Lovecraft’s works is that everything is connected and plot and sub-plots constantly intertwine. I’am very fond of ‘Pickman’s Model’ though. Perhaps because it would be amazingly inspiring to have Pickman as figure drawing teacher!


Mythos and Dream Cycle are two sides of the same coin, I don’t like to strictly separe the two, expecially since they share a lot of common elements and characters. Together, they show HPL’s progress in writing and narrative taste, which is something always interesting to observe when reading many works by the same author.

Oh, ok… are the Outer Gods considered ‘creatures’? If yes, my personal favourite is -obviously- Nyarlathotep. I’ve been fascinated by Egyptian history and religion since I was five, and I’m also a crazy science geek (visiting the Kennedy Space Center has been one of the most emotional experiences of my life.) For this reasons, the fact that he presents himself to humanity disguised as an egyptian-looking mad scientist really hitted my imagination. Plus, I adore shapeshifters.

If I’ve to mention a proper Lovecraftian ‘critter’, I’ll go for the tapir-like people from Yaddith. They’re quite mysterious!

Where can we follow your artwork?

On my DeviantArt Page. And on Facebook! Lovely Lovecraft FB Page and Sara Bardi FB Page.

Please remember that we are giving away stickers based on The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath characters for the game, you can get one on the Where’s Cthulhu? Arkham Parade Kickstarter project (Stretch Goal).

pixel art unknown kadath game

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By Kenneth Loebenberg via Fhtagn & Tentacles. You can find more Cthulhu art on the Cthulhu Mythos Gallery.

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While Earhart fights her way through the Elsewhere dimension, Lovecraft and Tesla spend an evening graverobbing before attending Mark Twain’s retirement party. The critically acclaimed Action Lab series continues! Get it on Comixology and discover other comics and more Cthulhu stuff on the Cthulhu Shop guide.

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“The higher dimensions of hyperspace may be beyond the edge of the known universe or a few millimeters away from us, folded, tucked away in our existing space-time. Such a concept would explain how Yog-Sothoth exists in spaces we do not know, spaces that are in between those we know. Additionally, manifestations of Yog-Sothoth are frequently described as being an iridescent collection of spheres or bubbles. This may be an attempted manifestation of Yog-Sothoth, making an effort to squeeze into our space-time.”

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We continue adding products to our Cthulhu Shop guide, which is featuring now more than 400 lovecraftian products from original sellers and artists (it’s a guide with direct links to the original sellers). And it’s always awesome. Last additions: Cthulhu Cookie Cutter by Teptec Studios for Cthulhu Webshop (absolutely cool) and the Cthulhu Period Panties (incredible!) aside of our original Cthulhu Talking Board, now available on our store.

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Where’s Cthulhu? Arkham Parade is the new project raising funds on Kickstarter. It’s about building Arkham in retro style, pixel by pixel, dot by dot:

Everybody is around the Miskanotic river and the University campus to join the Arkham Parade, while the cultists cross the river with the big balloons: the Elder Thing, Cthulhu, Dagon… they are proud of their gods and entities and everybody is coming to join the party!

Take a look to the project and discover more about the artwork and the interactive contents. You can get the poster, stickers, puzzle and magnets, there are a lot of rewards available starting at $26.

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Don’t miss these projects: Chaos of Cthulhu ($54) is ending in a few days “is the Necromicon mix-and-match dice game designed by Darth Rimmer and produced by Imp House”. And Wake Up, Cthulhu! is another cool board game ending really soon (only 24 hours left right now), it’s available on Verkami from €22 (±$23), an european crowdfunding site (it works like Kickstarter). Wake Up, Cthulhu! is already funded and now it’s unlocking new stretch goals.

cthulhu dice tower

And there’s a new project called Cthulhu Dice Tower by Fred Fields “Cthulhu may sleep and wait, but he can also assist your die rolls” which you can get unpainted for $99 or painted by Fred Fields from $599.

About us, our “Who Is Lovecraft?” project was canceled and we will relaunch it soon, right now we are working for a improved campaign and product. In the meantime, we will announce a little project… soon! So please stay tuned!

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The first issue of Providence, the expected lovecraftian comic book by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows, will be published by Avatar Press the 27th of May. In the meantime, you can read an interview with Jacen Burrows about Providence.

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