Our new collectors product is now available in Kickstarter: the Cthulhu Talking Board “Whispers from R’lyeh”!

I hope you like this special product. It has been created with our talented partners Bere&Bere and Teptec Studios with the same love and care of our previous Cthulhu Secret Idol.

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A lot of projects have been published related to Cthulhu from 2011 to June 2014 in Kickstarter. Cthulhu Project has analyzed all cases and these are the results:

There have appeared nothing less than 117 projects related to Cthulhu and Lovecraft in this period. Of these, nearly 3 parts have achieved funding, being the most successful game Cthulhu Wars, with more than $1.4 million raised, followed by Call of Cthulhu 7th with $561,836. The total average paid by the backers is $69. The total amount of money raised $5,020,841!!

Product categories are very diverse (and Kickstarter has changed across time), but the games (board games, role playing games and video games) are clearly highlighted. The impressive volume of successful projects and the amount of backers who supported these projects result in nothing less than 62,776 rewards distributed, counting all options (physical products, digital and other rewards). It’s an awesome fulfillment job so we should not be worried about some delays ;)

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And don’t miss the open campaigns: The Mythicals plush toy, C is for Cthulhu book and H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival!

Thanks a lot to Sara Bardi for the infographics illustrations… her work is really awesome (did you missed her Lovely Lovecraft comic?). Visit Sara Bardi website!

One more thing… our next campaign is coming soon: the Cthulhu Talking Board!

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Morning found Dr Armitage in a cold sweat of terror and a frenzy of wakeful concentration. He had not left the manuscript all night, but sat at his table under the electric light turning page after page with shaking hands as fast as he could decipher the cryptic text.read The Dunwich Horror

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Really interesting: the documented work in progress and the final result, a cool Cthulhu bust: read the post in Steampunk Kaleidoscopes.

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C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Board Book is a new illustrated book to introduce Lovecraft monsters, a new way to learn the alphabet. It’s a project created by Jason Ciaramella & Greg Murphy in Kickstarter. The book is ready to print so you can get the printed book in december but the digital version will be available as soon as they get funded.

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Some days ago we introduced the Norse Cthulhu idol created by Monkey Rodeo. Now, it’s available and listed in the Cthulhu Shop, so take a look to the last products.

If you are new to the Cthulhu Shop, please note that it’s a way to discover lovecraftian stuff from original sellers: you will find the link to buy in the original stores for each product. Enjoy it!

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The Sum of Light is a lovecraftian comic by Brian McCranie raising funds on Kickstarter. It’s the second issue now, as the first one was successfully funded in 2013.

You can read more and support The Sum of Light on Kickstarter.

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